Recycle Information

Electronic Waste and Shredding 6112022 Flyer


The following is a revised schedule regarding the Crawford County Recycling program.


The Dates and times for your area as follows:

Beaver Creek Township 8756 S. GRAYLING ROAD

Hours are located on the Beaver Creek Township Website

Grayling Township – North Down River Road Transfer Site

Lovells Township: Note Locations
The 1st – 15th of the month – North Site, Old-612
The 15th – end of the month – North Down River Rd site
Wednesdays & Saturdays from noon – 4 pm
Sundays 9am – 1pm

South Branch Township: Pioneer Road Transfer Station
Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Wednesday from 8 am – 11 am and 1 pm – 5pm.

Items Accepted

“Get Into Recycling”
Schedule of Rules and Regulations for trash disposal and recycling NO COMPACTOR DECAL REQUIRED TO RECYCLE

Yes: Newspaper & inserts.
Yes: Magazines – magazines, catalogs and inserts. Phone books, TV guides or Readers Digests, computer paper, office paper, Coupons, junk mail, envelopes. No carbon copies.
Yes: Cardboard – Corrugated, pizza boxes, Paperboard, cereal boxes. Empty, remove liners/styrofoam, flatten when possible.
Yes: Plastics – #1 and #2 – Beverage and detergent jugs, cider, bleach bottles, vinegar, etc. Rinse, discard caps.
NOTE: #1 Clear only. No Oil Jugs.
Yes: Milk Jug – Rinse thoroughly and discard caps and rings.
Yes: Tin Cans – Rinse, flatten if possible. No Paint cans, aerosol cans, NO METAL.
Yes: Styrofoam – Egg cartons, meat trays, popcorn, packing material.
Yes: Aluminum – Foil wrap, pans, trays, pop/juice cans. Clean, rinse, flatten when possible. No Dirty pans/trays
Yes: Yard Wastes –  None accepted 1/2 hour prior to gate closing.

Yes: Leaves & Grass Clippings – None accepted 1/2 hour prior to gate closing (seasonal). All bags must be emptied. No Mix loads.
Yes: Batteries – Auto, boat, mower batteries by appointment..
Yes: Personal Medical Waste – Must be in puncture proof packaging prior to disposal.


If you have any questions, or require and additional information, please contact  your municipal office.