Notice of Show Cause Hearing and Judicial Foreclosure Hearing for
non-payment of property taxes

On March 1, 2023, real estate with unpaid 2021 and/or prior years property taxes was forfeited to the Crawford County Treasurer pursuant to the General Property Tax Act, Public Act 206 of 1893, PA 206, MCL 211.1 to 211.157, as amended.


The Crawford County Treasurer is acting as the Foreclosing Governmental Unit in proceedings to foreclose on properties for unpaid 2021 and/or prior property taxes.


There are two hearings scheduled to finalize the foreclosure process. This publication is intended to provide additional notice to parties of interest in these parcels as to the nature, time, and location of these hearings.


A Show Cause Hearing is scheduled for 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. January 10, 2024 at the Office of the County Treasurer, Crawford County Building, 200 W Michigan Ave., Grayling MI 49738.

Any person with an interest in the property forfeited to the County Treasurer may appear at the Show Cause Hearing and redeem the property or show cause why absolute title to that property should not vest in the Foreclosing Governmental Unit.


A Judicial Foreclosure Hearing is scheduled for 1:30 P.M. February 8, 2024 at the Crawford County Building, Circuit Court Room, 200 W Michigan Ave., Grayling MI 49738

At this hearing the Foreclosing Governmental Unit shall ask that the court enter a judgment foreclosing property as requested in the petition for foreclosure. A person claiming an interest in a parcel of property set forth in the petition for foreclosure, who desires to contest that petition, must file written objections with the clerk of the 46th Circuit Court, and serve those objections on the Crawford County Treasurer (as the Foreclosing Governmental Unit) prior to the hearing date. The Docket number for the Petition is 23-11396-CZ


If you are a person with an interest in property being foreclosed:

    • You have the right to redeem this parcel from the foreclosure process by payment of all forfeited unpaid taxes, interest, penalties, and fees prior to the expiration of the redemption period. You should contact the Crawford County Treasurer for the amount required to redeem.


    • You may lose your interest in property as a result of the foreclosure proceeding.


    • The title to the property shall vest absolutely in the Foreclosing Governmental Unit unless all forfeited unpaid delinquent taxes, interest, penalties and fees are paid by March 31, 2024.


    • Any party who holds a legal interest in the property at the time of foreclosure has the right to make a claim for the remaining proceeds, which first requires completing and sending the Notice of Intention required by MCL 211.78t(2) to the FGU (Crawford County Treasurer) no later than July 1, immediately following foreclosure.


    • Those who wish to consult with an attorney about this notice and pending tax foreclosure may go to the State Bar of Michigan’s legal resources and referral web page at or may call (800) 968-0738 for assistance in finding private legal counsel.


Please Note:

The following list represents parties that appear to have title, lien, or other apparent rights to the parcels being foreclosed by the Foreclosing Governmental Unit.


This notice is required to be given by law, even if the party no longer claims or desires an interest, if it appears they hold any undischarged, apparent, or potential title or lien right to the property listed.


A listing of a party or person does NOT necessarily indicate that they are the owner of a parcel, or that they are liable for the property taxes.


This list is NOT an offering of property for sale. These parcels are NOT being sold, auctioned, or otherwise made available by virtue of this notice.


There is no procedure for purchasing these parcels from the Foreclosing Governmental Unit (Crawford County Treasurer) at this point in the foreclosure proceedings. Those parcels that are foreclosed and not redeemed may become available at public auction after June of 2024. These parcels remain the property of the current owner until redemption rights have expired. No party or person should make any attempt to inspect or enter upon these parcels assuming them to be for sale. This may constitute trespassing and subject the offender to criminal prosecution. The street address of the parcels listed is based upon local records and is not a guarantee to be the actual location of the property.


The amount due listed indicates the balance which is due as of December 31, 2023. The current amount required to redeem must be obtained from the Crawford County Treasurer, as additional penalties, fees, and interest have accrued since this date.

People with an Interest in delinquint 2021 parcels 


Parcel List  –  2021 delinquent parcels